Return & Cancel

  • Customers must contact Watch Bay Customer Service within (5) days after receiving the item (wrong color, wrong item, etc.).
  • Customer Service will determine whether the item is covered by the Return & Exchange Policy.
  • Within (5) days, the customer will be satisfied with the items notified.
  • If it is a return item, the customer will be told how long the processing day will be according to the relevant Retun & Exchange Policy.
  • ​Return Items will be returned within (3) days after Customer Service receives them.
  • ​If a return cannot be made, exchange with another item of similar value.
  • ​Watch bay will pay delivery fees for the error items. Customer need to pay pickup and delivery charges for ex-change items due to change of mind.
  • When can I cancel the order?
  • You can cancel by contacting Customer Care within 12 hours after order confirmation.